My writing is featured in publications such as Art21 MagazineArtforum, Art in America, Art PracticalBOMBcaa.reviewsDaily ServingThe ExhibitionistFriezeThe Miami Rail, and Textile: the Journal of Cloth and Culture. From 2012 to 2017, I authored Help Desk, an arts-advice column that demystified contemporary art practices and ethical considerations for artists, curators, collectors, writers, and the general public. As a 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Fulbright Fellow in Warsaw, I published reviews on contemporary Polish art and politics. I was a 2018 columnist-in-residence for SFMOMA's Open Space, and the SPACES 2018 Art Writer in Residence.

Some recent works include: 
Riddles for Minds and Bodies, Art in America, November 1, 2018
With Regard to Cleveland, SFMOMA's Open Space, September 27, 2018
The Hand That Holds the Rod, SFMOMA's Open Space, April 11, 2018
The Best Museum in the World, SFMOMA's Open Space, March 14, 2018
Sewing Lessons, SFMOMA's Open Space, February 14, 2018
Palliative Care, SFMOMA's Open Space, January 17, 2018
Lutz Bacher at 3320 18th Street, Artforum, August 29, 2017
Sarah Lucas at Legion of Honor, Artforum, August 20, 2017
Justin John Greene at Jessica Silverman Gallery, Frieze, July 18, 2017
Help Desk: The Penis Award, Daily Serving, May 8, 2017
Sharon Lockhart: Rudzienko at Foksał Gallery Foundation, Frieze, January 24, 2017
Jarosław Kozłowski: Sensations of Reality and Conceptual Practices 1965–1980 at MOCAK, Artforum, January 23, 2017
If You Don’t Know Me By Now, You Will Never Never Never Know Me at Fundacja Arton, Daily Serving, October 6, 2016
This Difficulty: A Conversation with Ivo Dimchev, SFMOMA's Open Space, September 6, 2016
Letter from the Editor, Daily Serving, September 6, 2016
Frames and Implications: Andrea Fraser’s Official Welcome (2001–3), CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, July 28, 2016
De-Mo-Kra-Cja at Galeria Labirynt, Frieze, July 15, 2016
In-between, Between Worlds exhibition catalog, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, July 2016
The Travellers at Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Artforum, June 23, 2016
Slavs and Tatars at Raster, Artforum, June 13, 2016
Help Desk: Underrepresentation, Daily Serving, May 23, 2016
Alina Szapocznikow: Human Landscape(s) at Galerie Loevenbruck, Daily Serving, May 20, 2016
Art Beyond Art: Making Use at the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, The Exhibitionist, April 26, 2016
Help Desk: Quid Pro Quo, Daily Serving, April 25, 2016
Quickscan NL #02 at Nederlands Fotomuseum, Artforum, April 22, 2016
Cesary Poniatowski: No Center No Edges at Piktogram Gallery, Daily Serving, April 21, 2016
Help Desk: Why Your Show Wasn't Reviewed, Daily Serving, March 28, 2016
Jens Fänge at Galerie Perrotin Paris, Artforum, March 23, 2016
Bread and Roses: Artists and the Class Divide at MoMA Warsaw, Artforum, March 21, 2016
Help Desk: Institutional Bias, Daily Serving, February 15, 2016
Ludmiła Popiel at Fundacja Arton, Daily Serving, February 11, 2016
Anna Konik at Centre for Contemporary Art - Ujazdowski Castle, Artforum, January 29, 2016
Help Desk: Culture and Compensation, Daily Serving, December 7, 2015
Interview with Shana Moulton, BOMB, November 30, 2015
Help Desk: The Snarky Remarker, Daily Serving, November 23, 2015
Barbara Kasten: Stages at ICA Philadelphia, Daily Serving, August 12, 2015
Help Desk: Selling Out, Daily Serving, July 20, 2015
Hammer Projects: Mary Reid Kelley at Hammer Museum, Daily Serving, July 14, 2015
Help Desk: How to Lob a Pitch, Daily Serving, July 6, 2015
Hayv Kahraman: How Iraqi Are You? at Jack Shainman, Daily Serving, April 2, 2015
Help Desk: Put the Artist First, Daily Serving, March 16, 2015
Taryn Simon: Birds of The West Indies at Almine Rech, Daily Serving, March 13, 2015