An Exhibition That Might Exist, 2014; installation at Feldman Gallery at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, curated by Mack McFarland.

Combining my roles as an artist and critic, this installation explored the exhibition review as an art object. For each day of the show, I wrote a three-page review for an imagined exhibition as though it existed in the space of the Feldman Gallery. Every day, a new review was placed on the front of a two-sided reading desk, and the staff re-lit the gallery to match the "exhibition"—for example, if the review said "...the diptych on the west wall..." then two bright spotlights illuminated that space. Also each day, the previous day’s review was moved to the back of the desk, accumulating there over the course of the exhibition. On the final day of the show, the review assessed the exhibition of the title—which is to say, it reviewed itself. Critic John Motley assessed this exhibition for The Oregonian, noting, "...the ease with which these shows materialize in our minds reveals viewers to be crucial conspirators in the creation of the work, ready and willing to believe in an abundance of words."